LIVRIT is a creative center that serves the community.

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Our organization aims to advance the position of young people in our city. We develop/implement projects of a cultural, artistic, and educational nature, at the same time collaborating with various organizations at the regional and international levels. The activities, projects, workshops that take place within the organization are a key bridge for the development, advancement, and improvement of the community in Presevo. Livrit contributes to the community with the community. Discover yourself through our mission!


A public space equipped with possible means where every young person has access to and use of space. We believe in the imagination and creativity of every young person in our community. The office is also an information center where it aims to inform and/or guide citizens about things that they encounter difficulties or need help in certain areas.




Within Livrit you can find our library with a large collection of books of different genres, whose number increases every day thanks to our community that donates unconditionally. They are priceless and can only be used in the Livrit spaces.


In addition to our events, Livrit supports young artists by offering them space to use for free to promote their art in various forms: book promotion, personal exhibitions, music, film projection, discussions etc.


The ideas of young people deeply rooted in themselves take shape only through Livrit. Livrit is a ‘platform’ that encourages every young person to express his / her feelings in different aspects of life. Therefore, ‘Youth Clubs’, ‘Students Clubs’, ‘Book Clubs’, ‘Film Clubs’, etc., are a strong bridge that promises a brighter future.


Music is the soul of living and Livrit is the best opportunity to live it. From our 60’s gramophone record player to the latest trends.

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Introduction of Livrit Creative Center!

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Building of Livrit Creative Center!

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Grand Opening of Livrit Creative Center!

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Do you want to make volunteering a tradition in your lifestyle? Livrit is the place where you can volunteer, can share your precious time, and even become interested in things you never knew before! We value even an iota of difference.  Through volunteering, we evolve, develop and transform into responsible individuals.


You can always become our voluntary supporter with a one-time donation! Any amount of donation is highly appreciated.

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We want our team to grow! To anyone with a vision, an idea, an opinion, a desire for small to radical changes – our doors will always be open.

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